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Happy Fall! I love love love this weather!   Hope you are enjoying it. As much as I love the whole political shtick going on (and I really love it!), we've got a break from the hoopla with a great night of music planned with Nels Andrews! We booked Nels through ComboPlate Booking where we found Matt the Electrician- one of our favorite MotM artists EVER! I still listen to that CD all the time. I hope you'll join us and support another great touring artist.


xox  CJ

June '12

Hi all! The kids and I just got back from a two week RV trip from Denver across the Pacific Northwest. It was my first major trip as captain without Greg with just the kids and me. We had a great time and have another one planned in July. 

We have a show coming up with Ana Egge on June 16th. Ana came highly recommended from the Americana Agency. They've sent us other amazing artists like Carrie Elkin, Danny Schmidt and Jonathan Byrd. Ana is a folk artist with a bit of a rocker edge and I'm excited for another great night of music! I hope you'll join us!! 

xo Charlene

April '12

Happy Spring! It feels like 2012 is flying by! We've back to back shows coming up for you! We just had Jonathan Byrd and Chris Kokesh. Loved the storyteller songwriting and great down to earth presence. :)

April 28th we've got Danielle Miraglia along with two other female powerhouses Jen Kearney and Amy Petty. RSVP by clicking here on the FB event page 

May 12 we are hosting the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts featuring two teen groups (the first is Jazz 89 Yardbirds- my son will play drums and the headliners will blow your mind..Jazz Arts Messengers. Bring your kids, support a youth playing music and support a great organization CCJA that supports Kids AND Music!!! RSVP by clicking here 

We hope to see you!



Happy Holidays '11!

Hope this finds you well. Like most people, December can be crazy busy with the full schedule and festivities. I'm trying to stay organized, remember to tread lightly and enjoy. :) Our last house concert was a great night of music with many guest artists and the headliners Moors & McCumber were a real treat. I'm continually in awe and grateful at the talent that we seem to stumble upon. 

Speaking of talent...January brings us a another house concert and really excited to have SETH HORAN, the solo bass player singer/songwriter make his way through Colorado again on January 20th!!! It's a Friday night and I hope we can make his stop in Colorado worth his while. I know for sure that the listening pleasure will be all ours! If you've not seen him, you really must and if you already have, well come again because I hear he's got some new material to share with us!

On a very sad note...the family that we "adopted" for the holidays has had to say goodbye to their baby girl Alex Jonte. She fought cancer for three years and she was only four. I can't imagine how awful and sucky this Christmas will be for them. If you'd like to help out, you can donate to Whatchagonnado. Thank you to those who have already helped out the family. 

Be grateful for all you have and love big. xo


November '11

We've got a great concert planned for you all on December 3rd with featured artists Moors & McCumber! I especially love to support local artists and Moors & McCumber are from the Boulder area. Check them out, read their bios and listen to tunes here: Moors & McCumber | Influenced by the songwriting of Steve Earle, Gillian Welch and Neil Young, Moors and McCumber deliver songs full of rich harmonies that take you places.

I'm also excited to have a holiday music opener to help kick off the holidays with Tamara Maddaford-flute, Alicia McCommons-Clarinet, Greg-guitar/mandolin, Me on vocals/flute.

Since December always seems to ignite the spirit of giving, we want to offer an opportunity to give a little. We chose the charity 
whatchagonnado started by our friends, the Whitts, who lost their two year old daughter/sister to cancer. Jessica Whitt told me about a family that is really in need and suffering from cancer. So we've decided to "adopt" them- with your help..please! Read below about the family and the little girl, Alexandra, that shouldn't have to spend the holidays in a hospital, in chemo, or in isolation to protect what's left of her immune system. I'll be posting on the FB page a wish list of the family very soon, but there are many ways to help them: donations of money, specific Christmas gifts from their wish list, or gift cards (stores, restaurants, services, etc.). If you're interested in helping you can bring your donations the night of the concert or go through the website whatchagonnado - blog Thank you!

September '11

Happy Fall! Hope this finds you well. Really busy time for me as my second love to music is gardening and local/organic food. I built and tend a 3000 square foot garden and everything comes to fruition around the same time so I've been picking, peeling, cooking, drying, canning for days! I know I won't regret it in the thick of winter and the only option are anemic tomatoes at the grocery store. ;)

Music....So grateful, fortunate, (lucky?) to have had the music we've had this summer.  Our last show with Matt the Electrician was one of my favorite shows ever on the mesa (that's saying A LOT!). I have been listening to his CD The Accidental Thief over and over. I highly recommend it...really well written songs that are unique, funny and touching. We've got some new music coming up too! Kirtana plays on October 7th..very different concert than we've ever had, Kirtana has toured and played for best selling spiritual author Eckhart Tolle. If that's your cup of tea then I hope you'll come! 

Enjoy the rest of fall!

xo Charlene


I'm trying to get organized to get out of town...we have our own mini farm which I love but damn it's hard to arrange for it all to be taken care of: dog, cats, fish, chickens, 3000 sq foot veggie garden, gazillions of my flower pots outside, indoor garden. We're even thinking of adding some dairy goats next spring.

Music! We've got Ashleigh Flynn coming for our July 23rd house concert. I really hope you can make it! I love her voice, her songs and that she can rock out some! If Greg and I can get it together we may try to sit in with her for a few tunes. Summer is beautiful on the mesa, hope you can join us!! 

Oh and don't forget about our Family Outdoor Bluegrass Concert on August 20th with Finders & Youngberg followed by open mic. Last year was super fun and the last people left around 2am. It's festival style and B.Y.O.E. Bring Your Own Everything: chairs, blanket, drinks, food, we'll have some barbecues set up and a potluck table if you'd like to share. Kids are more than welcome at this show!

xo CJ


Spring has sprung! Hope you are well. A lot has been happening personally and musically. Chuck Pyle's show in March was so great! We had a packed house at our fullest indoor capacity yet (maybe 70 people?). Greg and I had fun playing the Denver Acoustic Music Club showcase and hope to do it again. 

May 14th is our classical concert with pianist, flutists, guitarist, soprano opera vocalist. There's talk of the pianist having a grand piano brought in to our home for the night of the performance!

We'll take a break this summer while school's out and be back for our Bluegrass outdoor family concert-festival style August 20th with Finders & Youngberg and open mic afterward. Working on booking a great fall lineup.

We did finalize the adoption of our little girls on Feb 28th and are officially a family of five!!

Been taking a martial arts class with Shane called Krav Maga that kicks my ass but I need a good kick in the ass (who doesn't, once in a while?). ;)

Hope to see you on May 14th!!

xo Charlene


Hi!'s cold! I really need some sunshine! Until that happens, we'll just get our endorphins with some good music. 

Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin house concert was such a great turn out and they were so good: great songwriting and amazing singing. 

We've got Chuck Pyle coming up on March 5th. We hope to fill the house as Chuck is a sought out performer booked a year in advance. He deserves a great audience and has a minimum door ($) amount that we hope to exceed for him. Please rsvp!

February marks two years that we've had our baby girls from the foster care system. We are finalizing the adoption at the end of this month! We will have a toast and some cake at Chuck's concert. Please come and help us celebrate!

xo Stay Warm!



Hope this finds you well.  December can be so busy. With our little ones (we are close to adopting two foster girls we've had for almost two years) the holidays are so fun experiencing everything new through them. 

We are actually taking off for Christmas and plan on laying and playing on the beach without all the holiday hoopla. It's a first for us and we are so excited to get out of dodge! Even bought a sundress in December. :)

We have some great music coming up for the New Year: Danny Schmidt with Carrie Elkin all the way from Austin, TX on January 22nd.  Chuck Pyle will be here March 5th!  I'm in the works of putting together another classical concert for late spring.

Thank you for supporting Music on the Mesa which in turns supports independent artists and allows to bring great music to you. 

Love and peace to you...

xo Charlene  


Hello!  I love fall and hope you are enjoying the change as much as I am.  Colorado knows how to do it right!  

Music!  Beginning of October Seth Horan brought us an amazing evening of music...again!  Those who came for the first or 2nd time  were not disappointed!  Tamara Maddaford and I opened up with a flute duet and we had Jim Osgood sit in on Djembe. Awesome night! 

Up next, November 5th (it's a Friday), we have Beth Wood!  She's got a new album out and I can't wait to hear her new tunes and celebrate!  If you didn't come to her show in 2008 here's your chance!  

Oh and check out our new Music on the Mesa Facebook page.  Please "like" us so we can get that page up and active.  You can get all info for shows, ask questions and talk to other fans about past or upcoming artists.

This weekend I'm running a half marathon..can you believe it? I barely can! If you'd like to support me and benefit Denver Children Hospital Pediatric Cancer Center please go HERE. Thank you...




Hope this finds you well and enjoying summer.  We have some great music coming up on the calendar through November!  Check out the Gigs page to find out when, where and why you should come!  

August 14th is a fundraiser for my friend, Vikki Farrow, who is winning her battle against ovarian cancer (Yay!) but the hardships of treatment and medical bills have left her and her family (husband and 3 yr old son) financially strapped.  If you want to help out or donate items for the fundraiser click on her Facebook page HERE! to post and/or go to her Paypal account.

August 21st is our big summer family outdoor concert with bluegrass music by Mark & the Merryman!! Open mic afterward.  BBQ potluck. So excited about this show!!  Please RSVP.

If you come to the Bluegrass concert you'll be able to see what's going on the garden and my three chitlins in person so I'll spare you the details. ;P

Be well!



Hi y'all! It's been a while!  

We are so excited our next house concert.  I wanted something really different.  Don't get me wrong I love the singer/songwriters and one band (Dakota Blonde) that we've had but I have to keep you interested!  So this next show will be an evening of several different musicians: Dale Backus-classical pianist, Tamara Maddaford-flutist, and Krista Hinman Classical/Operatic singer.  I will be playing a few classical pieces on flute that I've been working very hard on for the past few weeks.  Told you it was different!  As always, please rsvp because we will cap out at 60 people. 

We also have a show booked on August 21st.  This will be an outdoor family event during the day with a bluegrass band.  So mark your calendars.

On the homefront we are in the process of adopting our two little girls ages 2 1/2 & 18mos!  We couldn't be happier :)  Shane is 12 years old and recently bought a drum kit with his own money, is taking lessons, plays in the school band and wants to start his own band this summer.  He's going to Rock Band Camp for two weeks in June.  He also wants to be a ninja in his spare time ;)

With the arts being cut out of schools it is so important that we keep it alive and remind people how incredible the power of art it is.  I can't count how many people have come up to me after one of our house concerts and commented that life was so busy it seemed almost easier not to come out to the show but how glad they were that they did and how music fills them up. Music is awesome that way.




Hi there!  Hope you're well and off to a good start in 2010.  I can't believe it's March already. I'm really ready for spring. Being a Calif girl now living in Colorado, I actually love the snowy season but wish it ended a bit earlier. I'm a big gardener and can't wait to get started. I'm tired of anemic looking and tasting vegetables from the store.  

We are having a house concert on March 26th with Putnam Smith & Shannon Wurst on tour from Maine. As usual, Greg and I will open with a set so it's a three bill night! Please RSVP soon because we are now renting chairs for the concerts.

Our last house concert was truly at max capacity topping over 60 people with the amazing Dakota Blond. If you've not experienced a house concert, it's hard to describe in words the experience.  When I look around at the living room audience the musical experience just seems to be felt at a deeper level because the artist is so up close and personal.  I see people laughing, crying, rocking out and feeling the music with much more intensity.  So, come on!




Happy New Year!  

I am feeling very optimistic and good about the coming year. It's been a "sucky" year for so many I know. It feels good to tuck it good night and start fresh. Do you make New Year's Resolutions or set goals? I always do and whether or not we attain all of them doesn't matter so much to me as the process of getting the wheels turning and wanting to be more of who you are and spreading that love.  

I hope you have it marked on your calendar to attend our first Music on the Mesa concert of this year with Dakota Blond on January 30th.  We are excited to have them as the first band in our concert series as we've only had solo artists so far.  See the gigs page for more info and get your rsvp in soon!  

So Cheers to 2010 and all it brings!  




Going to California very soon and can't wait! It's been a really cold winter so far here in Colorado. My mom mentioned to me that it's a bummer it's only going to be in the 60's while we're there.  ONLY. Where we live no one wears a jacket if it's above 45. I am getting thicker skin too (finally it's been four years!). 

It's been a long time since we've played a show in California and we are excited to play at The Neighborhood Cup in Aliso Viejo on Sunday, 12/26.  Hope you can come. We'd love to see some old (and new) faces!  We hope to have some special guests come down and sit in for a tune or two.

Shane's new passion is drums (and being a ninja) and he's taking lessons (drums, not ninja lessons). He practices daily and keeps it quite lively around here.

We still have our foster baby girls and have had them for almost a year (baby just turned one and toddler is 2yrs 4mos). We hope to be able adopt in the New Year.  It's never dull at our house and not a lot of extra time either.  We did get some chickens though and have had way more fun than I ever thought you could have with chickens (they avg about four eggs a day for us).

SAVE THE DATE: we have a house concert set up for January 30th with Dakota Blond. cGorgeous folky Dollyish voice and amazing musicians.  Our first band in our concert series.  Our last house concert was pretty much at capacity so we will be taking rsvps a little more seriously this time around.  Hope to see you. Reserve your spot early!

Love to you and yours,




Hello!  I'm looking out my window right now at a gorgeous sunny day covered in white sparkly snow.  If you'd have asked me years ago if I would like snow (being born/raised in So.Cal) I would have said no way as I was scared of cold.  Now I love it and one the best things about it is that you don't feel guilty staying in and hunkering down maybe in your jammies playing games or for me cooking.  

Our house concert in Sept was an amazing night for all.  Seth Horan surpassed all expectations of an amazing house concert performance.  We had a fun weekend getting to know him and he beat me Scrabble! Seth has a new album..check it out... Clang&Chime

I just booked a show in December in Orange County, CA at The Neighborhood Cup in Aliso Viejo. We'd love to see some of our old posse.  It's been a while since we've played in Cali and we're really looking forward to it.  We are going to try and finish up a few new songs for that show.

Shane just got his Taekwondo blackbelt and we are very proud of him!  We still have our foster baby girls going on eight months now. Foster care can be an emotional roller coaster but has been so worth it and very rewarding for our family.




It's been a while since I've updated my site...too long!  Hope this finds you well and enjoying summer. 

We've got a fun house concert/fundraiser going on this weekend.  The Whitts lost their two year old twin babygirl in Feb of this year. Her name was Tuesday.  Here's a beautiful  blog that chronicles their journey (Jess is an amazing writer).  They want to get out of dodge for a while so they are taking our RV end of Sept through Feb with their three kids and heading out across the U.S. for some road therapy to promote pediatric cancer awareness at various pediatric hospitals across the U.S.  If you'd like to donate money to their cause you can do so through their paypal account.  Click on my contact page and email me and I'll tell you how.

Save the date! Sept. 26th will bring us another awesome house concert with Seth Horan!  Seth is crazy talented coming all the way from from Reno, NV. Email me to reserve your spot now!

Be well.


Jun '09:


Excited for shows coming up in June! Music has been on the back burner for us for a while now.  I don't feel good when not playing music.  We still have the two foster babies and we, of course, are in love with them but caring for babies is a lot of work.  It's a balancing act to fit in everything and make the things I love a priority too.  I need to do so because if mama ain't happy nobody's happy, right!  

We have worked out a few new covers and really want to finish our new original "After All These Years".  

I have worked in my garden quite a bit since being outside is so easy with kids and we' have been eating freshly picked salad and spinach everyday.

Shane got a drum set and spends hours in the basement with his ipod headphones on perfecting songs.  It amazes me how fast he's learning to play!  Music to my ears even when it's pounding up through the floor ;)

It seems we've had friends and family that have lost loved ones or are battling hard times since the new year came upon us.  It makes me so sad but also reminds me to live my best life as authentically as possible.

I hope to see you at a show or two this coming month!



April '09:

Happy Spring! Although yesterday was 70 as I look out the window all I see is dense fog and supposedly waiting for up to 10 inches of snow?

Can't believe it's April already.  We said goodbye to our sweet baby foster girl who went to live with relatives. Less than a week later we were placed with two adorable baby girls 3 months and 18 months.  They are adorable!  Keeping us busy that's for sure!

Shane doing well and been really into music these days. Started his own band Thunderstruck and will perform next week in the school talent show. At his dr appt we discovered he's grown four inches and gained 20 lbs since last year's check up!

We have a few some shows coming up.  If you have any ideas of any place you think our music would be a good fit let us know!




Happy New Year! 2009 is another year to try and get it right. The promise of this new year has me working on eating more healthy, exercising (like everyone else), having more patience, practicing not worrying about what others think, being a good mom, playing/writing more music, having the best garden ever this summer!  That ought to keep me busy!

We have our 2nd house concert with Music on the Mesa the end of this month featuring Beth Wood.  We are really excited to have Beth perform in our living room.  If you haven't rsvp'd please do so! Check out the Gigs page to see how.

We still have our foster baby girl now 23 months old.  If the time comes, I don't know how we'll ever part with her. She could not be a cuter, sweeter baby.

Shane got to go snowboarding recently and with the Colorado 5th grade pass; he plans to go next week too.  He keeps busy with all his activites and is in training for his blackbelt test in May.

Take care!

November 20th, 2008

Greetings!  Tis the season to be grateful.  What are you grateful for?

I'm grateful for a cold day today and wearig my boots and new jacket.  Hanging out by the fire with little "K" our 20 month old foster baby girl. Shane is kickin back reading a book that he says is the best book he's ever read even though he says about every other book. I'm grateful he loves to read so much.

Our first concert on "Music on the Mesa" was an amazing evening. Chuck Pyle has the most talented ability to weave a musical spell throughout the room. You can hear yourself breathe and the warming your heart energy permeate through everyone throughout the room.  That sums up the evening. 

Beth Wood is next on "Music on the Mesa" January 31st, '09.  Make your reservations early!

Be well.


November 10th, 2008

Welcome to the newly rebuilt site!  We are still working on it but I'm relieved to have some assemblance of a website finally.  I'll be adding more to it and updating regularly.  So keep checking back.

We are excited to have our first house concert at "Music on the Mesa" featuring artist Chuck Pyle  Greg and I will open with a short set.  For more info or reservations go to the GIGS page.  We'll be hosting house concerts every few months.

We became licensed foster parents this summer and we are hoping to adopt another child someday soon.  But in the meantime we are doing foster care for a baby girl (20 mos.) and falling more in love with her everyday. 

Shane is now 11 yrs old and has been keeping all of us busy with school, football, taekwondo, playing music in the school orchestra, and accordion.  Not to mention some pre-pube attitude.

Since we are new to the Colorado music scene, we'd love to hear if you have ideas of venues for us to play.   Or maybe you'd like to host a house concert for us?


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June 16th @6:30pm
Ana Egge

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